To all newly registered users

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To all newly registered users

Postby Tsar CUBE » Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:35 am

Old Registration rules (no longer used):

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When you register on our site, you are given full browsing privileges, you can view, read and download all of the content we have around, however you are limited to posting only in the "Introductions" part of the social section. If you would like to be an active member of the community or if you just want to post some comments once in a while on a fic you read or a picture you saw then please write a friendly introduction about yourself in the link below:


Once we read your introduction we might ask you some trivial question in your intro thread and will try to activate your account to full posting privileges within ~72 hours of your intro post.

Also, all users are advised to read the rules of the site as soon as possible because not knowing them is not an excuse for breaking them:


Some forum sections, like the fanfiction or RP sections, will have their own rules and you are advised to have a look at them as well before posting in those sections.

New Registration Rules:

Please keep in mind that if you registered under a proxy IP address and/or under a disposable email service such as, your account will be deleted for security purposes to weed out bots and spammers, no hard feelings. Thus, you are strongly encouraged to use a real IP. If you don't know what an IP is then you are likely using a real one so this message does not apply to you. If you don't know what a disposable email is, then this message does not apply to you either.
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