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Minow the Oblivious

Postby Pokemonaces » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:20 pm

Hey guys, so yes I'm still alive and check the forum on a moderate basis. I'm really sorry I haven't been as active as I'd like, but with work and video games getting in the way, I hardly find time to enjoy a free day just to myself.

In other seriousness, I'm just going through some tough times emotionally. It's not often (If not at all) That I feel depressed, but let's just say that at the moment, I don't feel happy :wall:

But since it's Halloween, I thought i'd be a good time as any to post a fanfic about one of my favorite Monster girls. Shouldn't be a surprise if you guys know me well enough. It's not as long as some of my other ones since I was short on time and out of practice, but I hope it's at least legible

Spoiler: show
Willo-The-Wisp Fanfic
By Pokemonaces

Minow the Oblivious
Prose written format

In a modern day graveyard, young men and women alike gather for a halloween event held in the graveyard every year in celebration of halloween. Amongst the group of humans dressed as ghouls and alike, along with monster girls of all shapes and sizes, was a human couple.

“Hey Jessica...remember this place? As odd as it was, this is where I first confessed my love to you when you ran away here…” Said the boy named Troy, a young man at nineteen years old, he had dark, brown hair with dark hazel eyes and caucasian skin tone. At a height of five feet and eight inches, he was dressed up as a male Dracula at the time

“Yea...it was how long? Eight years since then? Time sure flies huh Troy?” Said the girl named Jessica, a twenty year old young woman who had a short bob cut blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a Dhampir costume at a height of five feet and seven inches.

With the two speaking to one another, all other noises from the sounds of the ongoing partygoers seemed daft before they’re exchange of pleasantries. Meanwhile, a Will-The-Wisp, an undead type monster girl named Minow, watches the two couple from afar behind a few dead trees

“Tch...these humans...always holding hands each halloween...each year I try to nab a man...either he already has someone, or another Mamono beats me to the punch. I’m sick of it!” She said to herself quietly as she was gripping her own dress tightly in anger and jealousy. But she then saw the two couple move farther away from the party, moving somewhere more private “Huh? What are they up to? Probably going to confess their undying love for one another!” With a scowl on her face, Minow follows suit, hiding between the trees and gravestones. The two then stop at a big gravestone that houses a noble.

“Troy...there’s something I really need to tell you actually...it’s been bothering me for the last eight years we’ve been together...and I thought it best to tell you before I have any regrets…” Speaking in a nervous, but stern tone, Jessica looks Troy right on the eyes as he eagerly listens “Troy...do you recall the reason you met me here at this exact spot? This gravestone belonged to my grandmother who was known for her compassion and love for everyone around her.”

“Of course I do Jessica, you would go on and on about how she saved your life after you and your parents had a dispute that caused you to run away and abandoned by them.” Troy said, but Jessica then took a deep breath before speaking up

“Well you see Troy...the argument I had with them back then was my feelings of love for another...they didn’t approve of my choice…” As she spoke, Troy hugged her out of pity to make her feel better

“It must have been hard on you...I take it the argument made you lose interest in love with that person after your argument with your parents.” He then gently pushed back so he could see her face sulking down “But then I found you here crying, and after protesting to protect you without question, even though I barely knew you, our love started.” He smiled for a moment, but he didn’t see Jessica’s face light up. She then gently pushed him away from her “Wha? Jessica what’s wrong?” He asked her as the Minow watched intently

“A lovers spat? Didn’t see that coming…” She said quietly before hearing Jessica speak up

“You...you don’t understand Troy...you see. I don’t feel attraction to boys...I like girls…” She said softly. Hearing those words, Troy’s eyes which lit up with nostalgia and love, suddenly turned hollow and empty “I was arguing with my parents about my sexuality...they said that being born liking girls when I am one was wrong and a sin...but I couldn’t help myself...so I ran away from them after they cast me out for fighting back. As I ran, I bumped into you. The way you were talking and so determined to make me smile, it made me want to rethink that maybe my parents were right, that maybe what I felt was just a phase.” She looked up at Troy after speaking, seeing his hollow eyes and shocked expression, she turned her face away from him and continued speaking “So after you rescued me here...I was taken in by my adopted grandma who now lies in this grave. When I told her my side of the story...she told me to keep it a secret from you for now until I sorted my feelings. She told me to take my time with you and really see if I’d be happy with my current relationship…” As she spoke, Troy himself looked down, hiding his eyes behind his bangs

“But...what...what about the promise we made huh?” Saying that, Jessica tilted her head down a little in shame “I…I was planning to be a daddy...to have my own kids...to be the kind of dad that I always wanted to be! The one never had!” Gripping his hands tightly, his voice started to crack from holding the tears “Didn’t we also...promise to...to always tell each other our secrets? No matter what?!” Jessica then spoke up loud enough to spoke the bats that were resting on the dead tree branches

“I DID!!!” After her yell, her voice was quivering from the anxiety and tried to speak again “I really wanted to tell you...believe me...I did...but...I was afraid that if I told you...you wouldn’t be my friend…” She said, but Troy simply looked at her, nearly expressionless as tears runned down his eyes

“I can forgive you being the way you are...you can’t change what your heart tells you...I get that…” During his pause, he swallowed the remaining words he was about to say, shaking, but continuing “But breaking a promise...the one thing...that...that I told you I held the highest priority of...is what hurt me the most…” He said before Jessica started to cry herself, holding her face with her hands as she cried, she ran away before he could even say anything else.

Now alone, Troy got on his knees with his hands on the ground, crying as his cries of sorrow, anger, and pain, echoed through the graveyard

“...no…” Minow said to herself. Even though she was just an eavesdropper, she felt her heart in pain for the man in front of her, crying his heart out as all his dreams, desire, and lover all left him in one swoop. At that moment, her body acted on it’s own as she started to get closer to him. The noise she made from bumping into a gravestone suddenly makes him stop crying, looking right at her

“...” Staring at her, his eyes were filled with tears, able to hold the quivers he made with each sniffle from his nose

“T..Troy…” Saying his name, he gets up quickly, and just runs away “W...WAIT!” She said, but the darkness of the night covered his tracks as she lost sight of him “Troy…” With her hand out, the man she wanted to help, escaped from her grasp. “Huh?” Looking down, she saw what looked like a promise ring, pure silver, the words “Love is Eternal” was etched to it “...” Looking silently at it, she hides it in her pocket before disappearing in the night

*One year later…*

With another year of Halloween, the graveyard this time was left undisturbed, with the party from last year moving a different location this year, the place was empty and quiet as normal. But one young man revisited the place. It was Troy, now at the age of twenty, he was wearing normal clothing this time, only having a black T-shirt and blue jeans. There he stood at the exact same spot as last year when he broke up with Jessica. There he looked at the full moon sky. The moonlights shine reflected from his empty, hollow eyes. Unable to cope with the sudden lose of the person who he thought was his lover, he stares silently at where Jessica once stood, silent.

“Jessica…” He said softly to himself. But as he stared, he noticed a faint, blue light start to light up behind him, alongside a feeling of warmth “What the…” He turned around and saw Minow once again “A Will-The Wisp…” He said as he slowly backed up

“Troy...it’s been a whole year...I didn’t think I’d see you again...you came here to reminisce on what you had I take it?” She asked as he backed himself behind the giant gravestone where he and Jessica once stood. Looking back at what he hit, his attention was cast away from Minow, giving her the chance she needed to close the gad on him before he could react “It a year ago when that girl...Jessica tore your heart out wasn’t it?” As she asked him, she ran her blue, thing finger on his chest.

“Ho...how do you know my name and Jessica’s? He asked her

“Simple...I watched you two seemingly love birds talk to each other...but I never expected what Jessica did to you. When I saw the empty look in your eyes and the tears running down you cheeks, it just made me want to snuff out the agony you had. But you ran away before I had the chance.” As she spoke to him in her soft toned voice, he felt his breathing started to get heavier, blushing red “But I won’t make that mistake again...this time, I’ll make sure to reignite your passion and love. I’ll make you forget all about your pain...and replace it with nothing but thoughts of love so we can fill both our empty hearts…” Placing her right hand on her chest and her left hand on his, she lulls him into a state of relaxation before a cage, invisible to him before, suddenly closes in both of them, trapping him inside along with her

“Ah! What are you doing...fi-fire!” He said as he saw the blue flames touching his body, but instead of pain, he left a gentle warmth wrap around his body. “What are you…” He weakly said before his protest was cut short with a kiss. Minow deeply kisses Troy as she presses her tongue deep inside his mouth. Tryo’s eyes widened at first, but after a few seconds, his eyes started to narrow as if drunk. Sucking on his tongue like candy, she sucks on his saliva as gives her own to him, his body that was once tense, loosens slowly before breaking her kiss as a trails of saliva breaks as they part.

“Hehe...you taste good Troy...the names Minow by the way…” She said before pulling his head on her chest, slowly petting his head “It must have hurt...the tears you had...and pained screams you let out. You have no idea how badly I wanted to wrap you up in my flames and make you mine...but you were just too hurt at the time and ran away…” Troy relaxed in her embrace, slowly wrapping his arms around her waist, he gently sniffs her black dress as it faintly smells of something waxy, like a candle, but also enticing like an exquisite perfume. Minow then moved her lips close to his ears and whispered softly “Troy...what was it that you wanted again...what you wished to be like? I want you to tell me face to face….” Hearing her, Troy weakly pushes away from her, his back against her cage, he stared at her with his blank eyes

“I...I just wanted to be a good husband...and have kids to raise...to give to my own kin that I myself had never been able to experience.” He said. Minow shooked her head when he answered

“No...not just that...explain to me why you wanted it in the first place...why you felt such a strong urge to want to be a daddy...or a husband…” She restated to him

“Why do you care...you’re an undead…” Stating that, she smiles before pulling his shirt up. With his chest exposed, he blushed even more than he already had “Wh...what are you doing?!” Before she answered, she undid the top portion of her dress and pulled her long gloves off, showing only her bare chest, she rubs against him as their bare skin made contact “Ahh…” He felt a relaxing feeling from her hug, feeling warm inside, he loosened up before licking his neck

“I care because I want to get to know my husband to be more...why else?” AS she said that, her eyes lit up “Oh wait! I’m taking things too far!” She said as she held her cheeks together with her hands, shaking her head left to right back and forth “I’m about to make the same mistake as that Jessica girl did…” Stopping herself, she turns her gaze to him and smiles “I need to tell you my side of the story don’t I?” She said before placing her right hand on her chest “I was once alive like you...filled with passion and love. I had a so called lover named Raymond.” Troy, with his body lingering with a warm feeling of ecstasy, could barely hear what she said

“Raymond?” He repeated to her

“Yes...Raymond. He was my date when I was alive four years ago at the age of sixteen. He was the man of my dreams a the time...tall, muscular, oh and smart too. But the problem with him was, our love was unacquainted…” As she said that, Troy’s right brow raised in suspicion

“Wait...unacquainted...but you just said that he was your date?” He asked her

“Ssshhh! Let me finish! So yea alright, maybe he didn’t love me and maybe I was stalking him...but it's not like I didn’t made my advances clear to him! I always cooked him breakfast in the morning...watched him go to school...give him lunch...and other things good girlfriends are suppose to do…” Saying this, Troy snapped out of his daze

“So you were basically a stalker…” He said with an exasperated tone

“Stalker isn’t the word I’d use, he’s like a man ignorantly unaware of what he had at the time. So anyways, I followed him and one day...on the day I was going to confess my love to him on person, he filed a restraining order on me!” Saying so in an annoyed tone, Troy shook his head

“Well of course he would...you can’t just expect a person to fall for you just because you give them affection, it has to be a mutual thing, and he clearly didn’t feel that-hyaaaahh!” Seemingly ignoring him, she starts to move her right hand on his lower waist “Mi...minow…” softly moaning, she smiled to him before speaking again

“So anyways...after he filed the restraining order...I kept persisting, trying to find ways shower him with affection, but I guess I bit off more than what I could chew one day…” Minow said pausing for a moment “I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings as I was struck by a car...flew a good few feet from the air before hitting the ground hard...bleeding, sore and all that. As I started to lose consciousness, I saw Raymond standing there...just standing there. I wasn’t so sure if I was able to say anything at the time with all the pain and all, but I had my hand up...asking him to help me.” She then looked down, and frowned “But...all he did was shake his head and said ‘freak’ and walked away...I died afterwards. I guess I died with a lot of regret and my spirit was changed into that of a Will-The-Wisp.” The flames around her cage started to dim a little, flickering weakly to match her mood “I don’t understand...did I do something wrong...I just wanted love…” The flames suddenly grew in intensity, as if angry “IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH JUST WANTING A THANK YOU OR I LOVE YOU TOO?!” She yelled out. Recovering from her assault, Troy managed to catch his breath before grabbing her on the shoulders

“Minow...you may have the wrong idea about how love is suppose to work...I mean...alright, let’s make it simple...what made you fall for him?” He asked her. Thinking, she took her right index finger on her lip in thought “I think I said it already, you know, smart, tall, mus-” But he shook his head in denial

“No...not what I meant...I mean things like things you guys had in common...or maybe he did something significant that made you fall for him…” He asked

“Huh...you know...I can’t really remember myself...I just saw him one day and thought it was love at first sight. I studied up on where he lived, things he liked so I made sure to copy those things so he’d like me too.” He took a deep sigh as he heard her

“Look...love is more complicated than that...both parties have to feel the same way for another...just like I thought I had…” Looking down as he said that, he continued to lecture her “If you really want love to work...you have to make sure that-” Before finishing, Minow pushed him down on his back, surrounded by the blue flames, he felt the heat in his body swell almost unbearably as she stood on top of him, pulling down the zipper on his jeans and pulling his penis between the opening on his boxers “Minow, stop! Think about this, this isn’t how…” Losing more and more of his sanity, he can barely keep his mind clear

“I know the gist of what you’re getting at Troy...but why does it matter now? You had your heart metaphorically ripped out by that girl Jessica...and mine was ignored liked trash Either way, I only see one way to help us both…” Looking at his dick, she gently holds it on her left hand and strokes it “Nice and fleshy…” With each stroke, he started to feel his dick getting harder and harder, until it reached it’s peak length and girth of five and a half inches and two inches across “Nice hardness and thickness too…” She moves her head near his groin, sticking her tongue out as she slowly licked from the bottom of his shaft to the very tip, licking the glans softly before sucking the whole tip into her lips, locking on the neck of his dick, she swirls her tongue back and forth in circles

“Ahh!” Arching his back at the pleasure he felt pleasure beyond what he had before, drooling at just having his dick sucked, he slowly loosened up as he felt her started to move her head down more, slowly bobbing her head up and down for a few seconds before pulling out slowly, puckering her lips before kissing the tip a small kiss. Looking down, he saw his dick, wet from her saliva and twitching

“There...now that it’s slick and hard…” Pulling her the cover on her groin off, her vagina, blue and transparent, quivers in anticipation “We can get to the main part…” She said with a lewd, happy smile

“Minow...this isn’t how love works! You can’t just force me to love you this way!” He said to her. With a frown on her face, she tilts her head, looking at him with an empty gaze “Minow?” Looking at her more closely, he can see the gothic, but rather beautiful dress she wore. Keeping her empty gaze right at his eyes, she slowly lays on top of him as he felt her hair touch his bare chest, pulling her waist up as she grabbed the shaft of his dick, positioning the tip of his penis right on top of her vagina. Stopping her movements, she spoke softly to him

“Troy...you maybe right about the way I tried to show affection to Raymond…” She said

“Really? I’m glad you…” His voice weakened for a moment as he felt a cold chill on his back, despite the warm, blue flames covering him. His eyes widening in fear, she gave out a feeling of remorseless, lacking any form of care. The words that came out of her lips seemed to move slowly before hearing what she said

“I shouldn’t have given him a chance to run away...to walk around freely...I should have caged him in my embrace...in my heart...just as I’m about to do to you now…” At that moment, she pushed herself down, pushing his dick all the way inside her all at once

“AAAAHHH!!!” His pupils dilated at the sudden stimulus, his hands grabbing her waist, she wasted no time moving her hips up and down on his, alternating her movement by twisting, shaking, or grinding her waist in intervals as he had no time to adjust with each change

“AHAHAHAHAHA! It doesn’t matter what you feel...in a moment, you’ll be so enamored in ecstasy, that nothing else will matter! Except for me and the pleasure that only I can give you! Think of nothing else but me, and I promise that I’ll never leave you...unlike that girl Jessica who discarded your feelings, who prioritized her own selfish desires before your own!” Laughing uncontrollably, Minow sounded like she reached her breaking point, tearing up as if to hide a pained, misunderstood heart

“M...Minow…” Managing to gather what little sanity and control over his body he could, he pushed her down and got on top of her, kissing her ashe took the initiative, licking the inside of her mouth passionately before pulling out of the kiss, sucking on her tongue as he pulled out. This caused her to stop, looking up at Troy. Staring at one another as he saw her eyes, teared up as if crying

“It feels rather unorthodox...starting a relationship like this...but seeing through the pain you went through...the misguided beliefs you have about love and how it brought about your death and eternal pain. There’s just something about that tragic story that makes me want to help you more...so I’ll just forget about everything like you said...and just focus on what’s in front of me.” Saying that, he kisses her on the forehead, feeling the genuine love from the kiss he gave on her head, she blushed deeply and sniffled

“What’s that…” She asked, even though she already knew the answer

“Hehe...don’t act so dumb...I know that while your forceful methods of love maybe a bit extreme...it’s all within good intention. So I’ll take my chance and ask you...will you be my bride? Forever mine and mine alone? I’m probably not going to fulfill my dream of being a dad considering you’re an undead...but it’s better than being alone…” She smiled a little before speaking up

“Well, we can always do foreplay, where I pretend to be your daughter and we make sweet love together! I’ll be whatever you want…” She said, but he simply facepalmed, but chuckled a little

“That’s a little too kinky...and besides...it’s better if you just be yourself.” Taking his hand off his face, he looks down on her and smiles again “So...is that going to be a yes?” He asked her again. She simply answered by moving his right hand on her chest, feeling ser soft, supple left breast on his hand

“Yes, I’ll devote all my time and love to you, and I expect the same from you.” She said before taking a deep breath “So now that we got that settled, can you show me how determined you are to prove your love to me?” She asked him

“Alright, I won’t hold back then!” With his mind now clear and heart filled with the fiery passion of love, he started to thrust his hips with great intensity, not giving a single moment of rest, he pushes his dick deep inside her with each thrust, feeling the walls of her pussy grip and tighten around his cock with each thrust

“Ye...YESSSSHHH!!!” The feeling of his dick pounding her hard with each thrust causes her eyes to roll at the top of her head, clenching her teeth with a lewd smile. Her hands clenching and her body twitching in random convulsions “Troy….pu...pull me up!” She asked of him

“Sure, up you go!” Wrapping his arms around her back, he pulls her up as he leans on the wall of the cage, having her sit on top of him as she bounces on top of him while he thrust his hips up, moving in rhythm. While doing this, Troy would move his head down on her neck, licking her, gently nibbling on her neck, sucking on her breast, and using his arms to pull her down harder on his dick. “I feel it coming Minow...it’s like a part of me is being literally sucked out by your vagina!” Feeling his impending finish, Minow smiles as she holds him tighter

“Yes...I’m feeling your energy inside of me...filling my heart with love and warmth. I’m almost there so just hang on a little longer!” She asked of him. Reaching down for his face for a final kiss, she wraps her arms around his neck and sloppily kisses him, licking their lips together with a deep embrace before pushing down as hard as she could. Moaning loudly together, they both cum at the same time. Troy felt immense pleasure as his semen gushed deep inside her, filling her in turn with warm mana and spirit energy. As their afterglow started to wane, they never parted with their swet, sloppy kiss until their bodies felt limp from the pleasure as Troy laid against the cages wall while Minow laid on top of his chest, her head just under his chin

“Minow…” He said softly to her “I’m going to teach you the proper way of show affection to the person you love...I’ll make sure to burn it all in your head…” Managing to say that between each heavy breath, Minow smiled happily to him

“Yea...don’t worry...we’ll all of eternity to learn from one another...together as we burn in the flames of passion…” She said “Oh...I almost forgot to say….” She said softly

“Hmm? What’s that?” Troy asked, hearing the slight tone of forgetfulness

“I love you Troy...you’ll be the only one in my undead life that matters…” She said looking up to him, smiling in a cutesy way

“Ha...oh that...my bad, I should have said that first. I love you too Minow. I won’t ever let you feel lonely anymore…” As the two shared a loving exchange of words, they both fell asleep under the night sky, illuminated by the blue flames of love and passion.

*One more year later…*

“Hey Grandma…” Jessica, now twenty two, dressed in a formal black dress, comes with a bouquet of flowers as she placed them on her grave “I followed my heart...but I don’t know if it was the right thing to do...I tried a few dates with other girls...but they all just seem disinterested in a relationship with me...maybe I’m good enough…” She said to herself. But as she spoke, she heard subtle noises of soft, sensual moans “Huh?” Looking at the general direction, she saw a faint blue light, hidden behind layers of dead trees in the distance “What’s that…” Curious, she ventures out of the gravestone and closer to the source of the faintlight. As she got closer and closer, the sounds of moans got more intense. Breaking through the layers of dead tree’s, she finds a large, black cage surrounded by blue flames “A Lantern?: She questioned herself, slowly getting closer, she suddenly sees a Will-The-Wisp, grabbing on the cage’s bars as she was being fucked from “WHAT?!” The sudden girl popping out of the cage scared Jessica as she fell on her butt. “Oww…” Holding her butt in pain, she was shutting her eyes in slight pain before hearing the girl speak

“OH?! Is that you Jessica?!” Hearing her name spoken out, Jessica opens her eyes in shock as she looked at the girl in front of her “AHAHAHA! It is you! Wow been about two years since I saw that sorry face of yours!” She said

“Who...who are you and how do you know my name?!” Jessica asked in shock, confused as to how the girl knew her name

“Oh that’s right...honey hold on for a sec, I can...barely speak with you pounding me like that!” She said in a gigglish manner as Jessica could see a man’s hands holding the girl’s arms in place “My name is Minow...I’m a Will-The-Wisp that overheard your name when you were talking to my husband two years ago. You’re such a foolish girl to let such an indecisive and selfish heart to let go of a man like him…” As Minow pulled herself backwards to the blue flames, sounds of kissing could be heard as Jessica Gathered the hints that Minow dropped on her. Her eyes widened with shock

“Wait...you...you mean…” As if to verify her answer, the blue flames covering the man behind Minow was none other than Troy. Lovingly kissing Minow as both of them had their eyes closed during their passionate kiss. He slowly opens his eyes as he parted lips with Minow, smiling softly at Jessica “T...Troy…”

“Jessica...why are you here? Shouldn’t you be with some other girl like you wanted?” He asked, but Minow simply laughed

“Troy dear...don’t bother with such a pathetic excuse for a woman.” She said condescendingly, but seeings a shadowy figure crawl behind Jessica, she let out a snide smile “Besides…” After saying that, an undead Mamono tackles Jessica from behind and binds her.

“WHA?! Let go-AAAHHH!!!” Letting out a lou,d sensual moan, she felt a wet sensation run from her neck. Moving her head back to look at who bound her. It was a Ghoul, an undead Mamono with saliva that can send sparks of mind numbing pleasure “Plea...sto-MMHHH!.” Stopping her protest short, the Ghoul ignores her plea as she kisses Jessica, pouring her saliva directly into Jessica’s mouth. Jessica’s eyes softened up shortly as her body relaxed, letting the Ghoul finish her kiss

“Puwaahh...this human taste so good...I can’t wait to turn her into one of us...Thanks for luring her here Minow…” The Ghoul said to her

“No problem at all…” She said before looking down at Jessica. Seeing Jessica’s face filled with pleasure, slack in ecstasy, she frowns for a moment in disgust “I’d normally say that you don’t even deserve to feel anything close that considering what you’ve done.” Closing her eyes, she gives out an even bigger grin, her eyes dilated as she looked down on Jessica “But it won’t matter for long since all you’ll be able to think about now is the pleasure you’re about to experience, a fitting end for a bitch like you! AHAHAHA!” Turning her attention back to Troy, she turns around and wraps her arms around his neck “Now then my love...let’s get back to where we left off. Let’s fuck right in front of Jessica and show her what she missed for the past two years!” Simply nodding to her, the two once again immersed themselves in the blue flames of passion, forever lusting for one another

End of Fanfic
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Re: Minow the Oblivious

Postby Raet » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:13 pm

Seeing as no-one has posted yet, I will share my reply from MGU As well as the wish that you will happier soon.
Enjoyable story, a couple of slight errors, but otherwise excellent!
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